P.R.I.M.V.S Pomodoro Pelati is an elongated shaped tomato that remains whole and integral during processing and therefore retains its full flavours in our specially designed P.R.I.M.V.S jar.

It is exclusively organically grown in San Marzano, of the Campania region. The valley off the slopes of Mount Vesuvio is blessed with excellent soil rich in nutrients that are necessary for San Marzano tomatoes to ripen. The climate here is dominated by the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

P.R.I.M.V.S Pomodoro Pelati is made and processed in the traditional Italian way, without adding citric acid, calcium chloride, basil, or salt. This ensures our customers are regaled the exquisite taste of the tomatoes when prepared as a sauce with our selection of artisan P.R.I.M.V.S pasta di Gragnano IGP.

Health Benefits:

The most famous vegetable in the world; at first used merely as an ornament it became the king of food products thanks to its many components: vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, beta-carotene It also contains Lycopene, a vital anti-oxidant that helps in the fight against cancerous cell formation.

Free radicals in the body can be flushed out with high levels of Lycopene, and a tomato is so amply loaded with this vital anti-oxidant that it actually derives its rich redness from the nutrient.

Lycopene is not a naturally produced element within the body and the human body requires sources of Lycopene in order to make use of this powerful anti-oxidant. While other fruits and vegetables do contain this necessary health ingredient, no other fruit or vegetable has the high concentration of Lycopene that the tomato takes pride in.

Studies have proven not only the benefits in preventing cancer, heart disease as well as high cholesterol.

Jar size: 520 g

Peeled Whole Tomatoes from Naples in Italy, Tomato Juice, Acidifer, Citric Acid